CS 272 Software Development

CS 272-01, CS 272-02 • Fall 2022

SQL Database Accounts

We will use MariaDB as the relational database for this course. MariaDB is an open-source fork of MySQL and we will use the mysql client to connect to this database from a CS lab computer.

The knowledge base for MariaDB has a lot of excellent resources. This includes several training and tutorials, including:

And several useful references, including:

Database Accounts

Everyone has been assigned a database account on our lab MySQL/MariaDB database server.

The database accounts are in the form user### where ### is a number between 010 and 050. The database for that account is the same as the username.

See which database account you have been assigned on the Database Accounts Canvas page. Your initial password will be your USF username. Make sure to change your password after logging in for the first time.

Connecting to Database

First, log into one of the CS lab computers. See the Using CS Lab Computers guide for details.

Then, you will need to run the mysql command to connect to the SQL database on campus. The command looks like:

Hint: You can edit the command above to use your user### database account and then copy/paste.

Here is what each part means:

  • The mysql part runs the MySQL command-line tool.

  • The -h sql.cs.usfca.edu specifies the hostname of our database server. You can actually type -h sql and the cs.usfca.edu part will be assumed since you are on the CS lab network.

  • The -u user### part will specify the database account username. This is different from your CS or USF usernames. See the Database Accounts page for your assigned database account and replace user### with your database username.

  • The -D user### part specifies the specific database to use. You only have one database for this class, and it has the same name as your database account username.

  • The -p (or --password) at the end will cause mysql to prompt you for a password once you hit Enter. Remember, you will not see the characters you type for your password for privacy reasons.

Source Commands

You may want to load some of the examples discussed in class into your own database. This can be done using the SOURCE command in the mysql client.

Introduction Example

SOURCE /home/public/cs272/sql/intro.sql

Faculty Example

SOURCE /home/public/cs272/sql/faculty.sql