CS 272 Software Development

CS 272-01, CS 272-02 • Fall 2022

Getting Started

This guide will help you get started for the first week of CS 272 Software Development with Professor Sophie Engle.

Lecture Sections

Lectures will be conducted in-person by the instructor. The lectures will be recorded and may be viewed asynchronously by students within 48 hours. Students may also attend synchronously via Zoom as a non-interactive backup option if temporarily unable to make it to class in person. The lecture sections and details are:

Section Date/Time Location Zoom Meeting
CS 272-01 Lecture Tue/Thu 12:45-2:30p Lo Schiavo G12 819 1746 3046
CS 272-02 Lecture Tue/Thu 04:35-6:20p Lo Schiavo G12 819 1746 3046

Students must attend their enrolled lecture section for exams, unless otherwise approved by the instructor. Room permitting, students may attend either lecture section (offered by the same instructor) on non-exam days.

Students must attend a lecture section offered by the same instructor as their lab section.

Lab Sessions

Labs will be conducted in-person by the instructor during the first several weeks of class. During this time, students must attend their enrolled section in-person; labs are not always recorded or available via Zoom.

Section Date/Time Location
CS 272L-01 Lab Fri 12:45-1:50p Lo Schiavo G12
CS 272L-02 Lab Fri 2:00-3:05p Lo Schiavo G12

After several weeks, the lab sessions transition to one-on-one code reviews with the instructor and optional help sessions led by the teacher assistants. Students may attend either lab section (or both) at that time.

Students must enroll in and attend a lab section taught by the same instructor as their lecture section.

Office Hours

Office hours are first-come first-serve.

The instructor’s office hours will be held in person in Harney 412B, or via Zoom by request. The teacher assistant’s office hours will be held in person in Harney 413 or 415, or via Zoom by request.

Requests for Zoom availability must be posted on Piazza in advance. See the pinned “Weekly Schedule” post on Piazza for details.

Subscribe to Calendar

You can subscribe to your Canvas calendar using whatever calendar service you regularly use. The calendar will show the latest deadlines for all the assignments.

If you have a calendar not listed above, see How do I view the Calendar iCal feed to subscribe to an external calendar as a student? for how to access the .iCal feed to import into other programs.